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Hand Carry (COD) & Collect Charges
The extra special service for the improvement consignment. Our experienced couriers personally carry your consignments to any destination in the world. This service carries a surcharge per consignment. It is vital that pre-alerts are faxed and phoned prior to dispatch of goods. No COD or collect charges will be arranged without this prior notification.
Out Of Area

Our standard tariff covers most international cities and towns. Consignments for destinations outside these areas will be subject to a standard additional charge.

Alltime Express can import from all around the world. If you require any assistance please email

All work is undertaken in accordance with our standard terms of conditions. Alltime Express does not guarantee, or insure beyond that liability.
Cut-off times

Cut-off times can be offered to accommodate your requirements.

Each shipment must have at least 3 legible copies of the consignment form. If these are not present then connections may be missed. All consignments must have contact name, full address including postcode and telephone number. No PO Box numbers on consignment forms. Maximum weight per piece is 30Kg. This limit can be extended on certain Courier Express routes, please contact our office for further details. All dutiable shipments must have at least 3 original Pro forms invoices. No corrections or tipp-ex allowed. Spot quotes shipments must have our reference number shown on the consignment form or they will be priced at full tariff - please ask when quoting. Shipments within the UK and to other EU countries are subject to VAT at the current rate.

>Customer Services:
Tel.:  +44 (0)7847 307 527

Our staff are available between 9am - 5pm to provide you further information or quotes.
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